Wednesday 6Oct21 New Moon (peak energy 6:05am CST) - PERSPECTIVE


I'm sure that group members have noticed my recent surge of enthusiasm. Direct and indirect energy is feeding this momentum, but so have several special ritual participants. To the RITES men who are inspiring the RITES women (and all gender spectrum members) - thank you!

You'll be grateful to know that I can't keep disgorging lengthy associative information like this forever. Life and Love will temper my current mania. However, I believe the energetic egregore we have created here will be sustained by both new and long term members.

**To that end I am thrilled to announce two ~new~ RITES cauldrons!**

One, @LadyLynDePomona has been with Temple Terra Incognita for over 12 years and is a Core member. So is her life partner @phoenix_spirit who has been gracious enough to support his beloved to become more involved here, despite their own wonderful, but time-consuming work in Ohio. To me, LadyLyn has long embodied the ideal of a Qadishtu Priestess and her work via TTI, the POTQ and GLEE affirms this. Welcome!

The other, @Zoe_Sarx has only been affiliated with TTI for a short while, but her Qadishtu fervor is something to behold. She is the classic old soul in a young vessel and has impressive knowledge born of experience and earth spirituality traditions, that few twice her age ever attain. I love that Zoe is humble and able to be a student, as well as be a Temple guide/teacher for others who are new to sacred sexuality practices. Dive deeper and Welcome!

While their profiles adequately delineate who they are and why they are on FetLife, I am encouraging them both to post an introduction to the RITES group that I can make into a sticky. Malu did this well in her own fashion and I'm going to encourage all cauldrons, including Elle_D_Or, to do the same. I chose Zoe and LadyLyn because I think they can be interactive with the group and energy donors, in ways that previous cauldrons can't.



More Art Nouveau sexiness for this Moon, but with decidedly male/yang energy influencing our Wednesday working. I asked Elle_D_Or to pull intent and two cards fell from her Tarot Art Nouveau deck by Lo Scarabeo. They were an odd tandem, so Elle put them back in and re-shuffled. You know where I'm going, what are the odds - she pulled them both again!


What pray tell were these cards? Two Adonis-like, mostly naked muscle men, wielding phallic symbols - a sword and a rod. Tom of Finland testosterone infused beefcake. In Greek mythology, Adonis became the God of beauty and desire. He was originally the mortal lover of the Goddess Aphrodite and died in her arms, only to be transformed by her divine tears and restored seasonally by Hades, God of the Underworld ... Lucifer's turf.

Court cards in tarot can be difficult to interpret, but these were easy. First and foremost, they were labeled "knaves" in English. Not the traditional "page" (messenger or servant). The French, German, Spanish and Italian labels all translate to "jack." The noun Jack has been used to refer generally to a man, and especially an ill-mannered or obnoxious fellow, since at least the 1600s. Definitions for knave are even worse. So what do the Knave of Swords and Knave of Wands waving their dicks at us mean?

Wands are creative and sexual (fire), while Swords are intellectual (air). They are protective symbols used for defense *and* destructive symbols employed in offense - vulnerability is definitely an issue here. The most positive concepts that they both have in common is: new ideas, approaches and perspectives. Thus our broad intent mantra keyword is PERSPECTIVE.

The [yantra depicted here][] is explained in my comment and there are some Oryter profile support uploads regarding mudras, that we don't normally employ. They may be of use to focus calming energy, ritually symbolize Luciferian knowledge/wisdom and partially balance the intense, threatening yang energy with soothing yin energy. To further balance the yang impact, I've added a sincerely loving image with a hidden gun. Phallicly fighting fire with fire.

**Additional Messages from the Universe:**

@boo56 has outdone himself again. He riffed off the knaves in my yantra to compose improv lyrics for an integrated musical composition not yet completed. Chaucer inspired, but *very* boo:

**The Knaves**

*I am the Knave of Wands*

*Your comfort is my care.*

*My rod is couth in sondry londes.*

*I’d know you anywhere*

(Alt: Of maids I’ve known my share.)

*I am the Knave of Swords*

*My blade's pointed as it’s keen.*

*I seldom ever bandy words.*

*My point’s felt before it’s seen.*

*I am the Knave of Cups.*

*I’ll pour forth one strong drink.*

*To your lips, pray, lift it up,*

*Speak then what you think.*

*I am the Knave of Coins.*

*Do take these for true gold.*

*Count and know what each enjoins.*

*We stand at a threshold.*


*I am a righteous manly knave.*

*I am a mighty savage Jack.*

*In honor of my word: behave.*

*In anger at a slight: attack.*

© 2021 defogs and the 46th Mechanical Studio Orchestra

JUST ADDED - [GREAT backing music and boo vocals for the knaves of swords and wands stanzas][] by @boo56!

... Perfectly my point in the October Moon yantra ~

We are also working together on a ~long play~ Moon ritual "soundtrack" that combine his many RITES compositions in a seamless, cohesive way.

Monadic weekly reading: Aidan Wachter **Six Ways** Chapter 16: *For the Dead*. Very appropriate for October Pagans and the ["Thin Places"][] photographed by Brendon Burton. We had attended TempleWhore's pandemic postponed 1970, 50th high school reunion on Saturday and a Pagan patron/classmate who joined Amanda, Elle and me for dinner Sunday had this witty comment about reincarnation: *It's like the opera diva who keeps getting endless oncores - they just want her to get it right.* We are attending a Malliway Bros workshop next weekend on Witchcraft and Ancestor worship that should expand Wachter's limited thoughts on this topic: We are all links in a long chain and ancestors are the closest spirits to us. BTW - the 50th *in memoriam* part of her reunion was quite unsettling. About 15% of the graduating class is already dead before age 70.

Sunday movie time affirmed these topics. A 2020 thoughtful "art" film about Eastern rural America in 1856 that dealt with mortality, societal sacrifices/obligation and true love called [The World to Come][].

Life is too randomly cut short to waste on anything other than True Love.



Full moons are ideal for manifesting intent, New or Dark moons can be used for beginning a new intent or banishing something unwanted.

Yantra's are visualized meditative images used to focus energy in Tantra. They can be represented on your ritual altar using a tablet or cell phone linked image.

Intent keywords chosen (like "PERSPECTIVE") are a vocalized orgasmic Mantra used for the same purpose.

We believe that ritual energy donations are most effective 1-2 days before or after the Moon's point of peak darkness or fullness.

Please focus your Moon energetic offering toward the Temple cauldron of your choice to fuel community intent.

**The Cauldrons of Creation are:**

[TempleWhore]( ... Group Mother/Crone (cauldron *emeritus*)

[LadyLynDePomona][] ... Mother, Sister and Green Tigress

[Zoe_Sarx][] ... Roving Priestess

[Elle_D_Or]( ... White Tigress/Tantrika (primary ritual cauldron)


Don't be shy or get lost in the geeky details of my left-brain ritual posts.

Our egregore Magick relies on group energy and active participation. We enjoy hearing your thoughts, feedback and whatever you feel comfortable sharing about your Moon ritual experience.


TempleWhore's PERSPECTIVE on our October 6th New Moon Rite

CONTEXT: Gods are the ultimate Dominant and will choose lucky mortals to own and establish food cycles to which Their mortals will provide life force. The God's relationship to the human can be parasitic as They feed on that life force, but even a God will ultimately submit and sacrifice Its food to a Universal Mission. The greater the Mission, the stronger the need for a Mighty God and Its devoted human supplicant to fuel its purpose. As Missions go, they are to mortal humans as trees are to myriad life forms that provide synergic energetic fuel and contribute to a wider cycle of life. Successful cycles built by a skillful God ultimately provides great blessings that flows from Universe through God to mortal then back from mortal to God to Universe. There's something in it for everyone. The orgasm is a means to provide the energy and fuel.

I'll take this slow: The orgasm happens during the transference of energy which is saturated Desire. Desire is fuel for the Divine to satisfy Its Mission. The richest and most effective energy comes out from women. Why? because the womb is the source of the energy that provides the force for Life. Those hooked into Gods are the Priesthood. The Priesthood will create the avenue for the orgasm to go to the Gods and thus a Universal Mission. The Transference of Divine energy creates attachments and bonds so this could be dangerous. You know you're doing it right when you become closer to the Gods, not a Priest or Priestess. The worse thing you can do, the very worse thing is to have an orgasm at the God's expense. The attachment then becomes an addiction to the Desire. The attachment isn't to the Priesthood holder but to the orgasm itself. The Desire will circle back and become a consummate hunger for more. The energy then doesn't feed a Mission that provides blessings for a community, but more to satisfy one's own genitals. This happens through unskilled ritual.

How does this work for the Moon rituals?

MOON RITE: On Wednesday 6Oct21, @Oryter, High Priest of Terra Incognita asked @Elle_D_Or to pull the card for October's New Moon. Elle pulled two cards from which David received the word for this cycle as PERSPECTIVE.

Terra Incognita's God is the Fertility Sumerian God, Dumuzi. He chose me as his High Priestess for this Temple and as such I manifest his beloved Inanna, especially during the moons. There was a time when Terra Incognita was a 2 story building whose top floor sustained the Temple and its community gatherings which were always orgasmically driven. Llyris, a beautiful Wiccan 3d degree High Priestess came to us and taught us how to create and perform Rites. I was never particularly bisexual, but bisexuality became an occupational hazard as I would orally collect energy through orgasms from women to feed our God. The God in turn would feed His Mission. Occasionally a man would come to the altar after he'd pleased enough women and then release the energy to me. David would then consummate the psychic ovum created by the women and through his semen would provide a Magical Child or in other words, manifest a pre-established intent. That's when I was the Central Cauldron and The Whore of Babylon - and yes, those orgasms provided the participants "miracles" in their personal lives. Everyone was rewarded.

RITES FOR THE MORNING STAR I'll be 70 on my next birthday and now have arthritic knees. The baton of primary Cauldron and title of Babylon's Whore for TTI went from @LadyErotique to @Elle_D_Or while @LadyLynDePomona and her beloved @phoenix_spirit assisted as core members. Since 2018 we've expanded Temple Moon workings to RITES FOR THE MORNING STAR and added auxillary Cauldrons to collect indirect energy in this group egregore.

I-CHING - Restriction As I've croned, I've morphed into an oracle. My tool for the Temple's divination are yarrow sticks for the Rites (not I-Ching coins) to provide the Divine a means to give us advice for the moons --- which should contribute to our individual Perspectives. Coins take 3 minutes to create its Hexagram, sticks take 15-20 minutes. Sticks mean we invest more in the question and they demand patience. This new moon, we got 60 Jie (Restriction) which was combined with David's Perspective. We had the 2nd line changing making the Hexagram from 60 to 3 or Difficult Beginnings. Its Interpretation was Restriction provided for Difficult Beginnings. Preface: Speaking to the uniting of our community in Fet it says "After people are reunited, their gatherings must be maintained through certain measure; consequently restriction appears." The extended meaning of Jie is to restrict, to regulate development or actions before they surpass a limit and go too far. The world is an ocean of water regulated by a marsh that brings the water in moderation. And Further, a gate that regulates the water from the Marsh controlled by the Priesthood who is responsible for opening and closing the gate. This is telling us our new community is formed by restrictions: Ocean, Marsh, Gate. It talks then about restriction as it's applied rigidly or moderately according to circumstances. Moderate application brings smooth progress, rigidity does not permit persistence. The second line changes: which means a Priesthood that is not leaving the front door yard where the Temple meets the world. This is because we have not yet learned how to open and close the door according to regulations (restrictions). This has happened as we have lost our timing. We will attain enlightenment if we restrict our actions according to regulations provided in my explanation in this post and act at the right time (For Rituals).

BRINGING IT HOME - A MYTH If you were to look at the Temple complex, you'd see large fortresses feeding into a Central large Monolith with rays shooting up into the sky - with Venus at its apex of its Axis Mundi. The Monolith rose from the womb of Lilith and was inseminated by Dumuzi. Inanna sits in a large thrown by a humungus bowl made of gold that takes up at least half the room where Elle, the embodiment of Nereida/Ninshubur soaks after energizing their moon. Her bowled bath is always filled with elixirs and perfumes by her chief attendant, the vibrant @Zoe_Sarx who provides large vases of oil to Ninshubur's forever vigilant and loving Enki. Enki pours oils on her, smoothing the fluids down her back to sooth the aching body after such a formidable feeding the rites. Elle's quite exhausted now, leaning back into his touch. Sitting quietly at Enki's feet is a lovely Panther that he affectionately calls Lolo (@Miss_Lolo12), a sensual feline with her sleek black coat and copper collar. The Future?

Inanna has 4 Chevalier's who are working Guardians stationed as elements facing each direction around her Throne: @Shadowdrake in East, the Dark Priest overseeing proceeds with his powerful psyche; Zorander13, Druidic Priest standing guard at the south burning with his unequivocal passion; @AkiroAgora chanting with all his heart to the great Goddess Lilith; and finally for Earth Inanna's mortal High Priest of her Circle In The Grove coven is @Foresttrail.

The great mage, @Balloonkiller enters the room to confer with Enki and Ninshubur about important worldly matters and @boo56 is putting away his instruments to be brought out again when the moon is full. @elepet has made drawings of his devotion to the Divine feminine.

Cauldrons past (@M4Malu - how/where are you?, @Princessa-Lolita - XO and GOMORY-LIVES), present and future are all open for your energetic offerings. There is a young man (@maturelover1991) entering the inner sanctuary from India following a dark and formidable Kali. He came for the last moon and has stayed through the several banquets as knowing looks are passed between Inanna and Zoe. They have plans for this young man and hope to entice Shakti to find a home here where he will find rest, healing and nurturance.

Inanna looks out at her Ritual Hall and thinks about those that have left and she hopes will return some day, but for now, she is thrilled for those here that fill her with hope and love. She glances to her Chevalier in the West. AkiroAgora has not been well as of late. She rises from her seat and walks to Ninshubur and whispers in her ear. Ninshubur gives Inanna a small cup of the fluid from her bath and she approaches her dear knight of love and tells him to drink and heal. He's precious to her and would hate to see him suffer. A light kiss on the lips, a passing stroke of his hair and she leaves him her blessing. Be well AkiroAgora and all RITES participants. Your loving energy is deeply appreciated and put good use for Everyone invested.


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