Sacred Path


1 PIPE (PRAYER/INNER PEACE): The Pipe card speaks of inner peace that can be found through the balancing of the Self. It is now time to honor both sides of your nature, male and female, and to acknowledge the Eternal Flame of Great Mystery that lives inside of you. How you influence the lives of others depends upon the balance. Inner peace can be found through prayer and the understanding of your role in the whole of Creation. World peace begins in the heart of each individual. It may be time to make peace with others or with any inner conflict that keeps you from seeing the beauty of your potential In all cases, the Pipe card asks you to honor the blessings given by Great Mystery. It asks you to honor who you are and why you are here. It asks you how you can assist our world. In making peace with the Self, these questions will be answered and the Sacred Path will become clear.

2 SWEAT LODGE [PURIFICATION] The Sweat Lodge card speaks of a need for purifying some aspect of your life. This cleansing can be gentle and healing if you are willing to approach it in a sacred manner. It may be time to cleanse negative thoughts or attitudes. From another point of view, if you have people pulling you down and stopping your forward movement, cleaning away the barriers is called for here.

Whether the purification is of body, mind, emotions, attitudes or spirit is for your to decide. The constant rule of the Sweat Lodge card is that humility and purification always make way for new life-force to enter. Remember that once the “rust” is removed, you may shine in your own right.

3 VISION QUEST (SEEKING/FINDING) : The Vision Quest card speaks of a time of new directions or strengthening of the present path based on personal truth. Sometimes to find this truth it is necessary to Enter the Silence and remove personal confusion. In other instances it is actually necessary to go on a Vision Quest.

This card tells you that the course of your life needs to be clarified through vision. It is now time to ask for assistance from the Allies and/or Ancestors so that your choices will be reinforced with their wisdom and assistance. Seeking your potential answers is the keynote. Trusting those feelings and following them with action is the way to find truth. To accomplish this you must release confusion and doubt, then proceed by allowing your truth to emerge. Remember: in seeking you are asking for answers; be willing to accept and recognize the truth when it comes to you. Recognition and acceptance always precede inner knowing.

4 PEYOTE CEREMONY [NEW ABILITIES] If the Water Bird has flown your way and brought you the Peyote Ceremony card, you are being asked to recognize your immortal spirit. Look at the crack in the universe for new ways to develop the abilities that can enhance your growth. Remove any denial that keeps you from developing new skills adn use the talents you have to the fullest.

The Peyote Ceremony card puts you on notice that opportunities to discover the Self and for expansive growth are now possible. You are never as limited as you believe you are. The resources of the true Self are filled with potential. Conquering limitation created in the mind will allow you to discover those new abilities and know that all goals are possible. Remember that the decision to attack your fears is the beginning of the Sacred Path.

5 STANDING PEOPLE [ROOTS/GIVING]: The Standing People card speaks to us of roots and giving. We must nurture ourselves through connection to the Earth in order to give freely without exhaustion. The root of the Self is where strength is gathered. This root should be firmly earthed in the soil of our Mother Planet. Without this connection, dreams cannot manifest and our giving cannot be compensated by the Earth Mother. If you are spaced out, stop and reconnect.

Be still and become the trees in order to observe what is growing in your forest. The root of every answer for physical life is found in the Earth. Look at your family tree for the strength offered by your Ancestors. Lift your branches high, seeking the light of Grandfather Sun and you will see how your roots make you of the Earth and yet a bridge to the Sky World.

The Standing People are asking you to give of yourself. Ask yourself if you are willing to give and receive. Count the root of every blessing with gratitude. Find any blockage that limits your root system or ability to go deeper. Then remove that feeling and go deeper once again for the answers you seek. Remember taht we are also the root of the future and through our lives, future generations are nurtured. Weed out anything that will in hibit future growth and you can stand proud among your Tree Relations.

6 SUNDANCE [SELF-SACRIFICE]: The Sun Dance asks us to look at what needs to be sacrificed so that the sacredness of our lives may be restored. It could be that doubt or fear are trailing our dreams and need to be sacrificed to taht our dreams may live. On the other hand, if some bad abit has limited our capability, that habit needs to be conquered. Recklessness and overindulgence can thwart the abundant life we seek if we do not rid those parts of the self that represent our shadow.

Your shadow is always ready to be sacrificed. If you have learned from dancing with the darkness of ignorance you will learn what is no longer sacred in your life. then the sacrifice becomes your truth. If you use less paper in order to save rain forests, you make them sacred. In all instances, you are being asked to give up something in order to stand in the truth of your convictions. Giving up aerosols, apathy, bitterness, greedy friends, or too much sugar can change the worth of your life.

Remember, self-sacrifice is not denying your needs, but rather the Self’s decision ot willingly sacrifice limitation through action.

7 MEDICINE WHEEL [CYCLES/MOVEMENT] The Medicine Wheel card portends a time of cycles and/or movement. You are asked to notice which stage of the cycle you are presently experiencing. Is it the beginning, the creation, the growing time, and developing or end of a cycle? How you look at where you are will assist you in clarifying what it is that you need to do next. Any retreat, hesitation, or stopping has now ended.

With this card you are being put on notice that the stagnation is over and new beginnings have taken root in the present. Don’t get caught in old patterns. Notice which direction on the Medicine Wheel will assist your forward movement and apply that lesson in your life. Your choices are illumination and clarity (East), faithfulness and humility (South), introspection and goals (West), or wisdom and gratitude (North). It is now time to decide for yourself which type of movement will keep the Wheel turning. In all cases, the Medicine Wheel card assures you that life continues. The quality of the new cycle depends upon you, your actions, and attitudes toward growth.

8 EAST SHIELD [ILLUMINATION/CLARITY] The East Shield represents a need for clarity independence in some part of your lie. It may also mark a time of illumination when suddenly things begin to fit together and make sense to you. If you have been confused, now is the time to ask for order in your life. Order can be restored through making lists of things ot do, clearing up your living space, or finishing old projects. When order is restored, you are then more receptive and can find the clarity you need.

The illumination of the East can also be asking you to assist another in finding clarity. Sharing your ideas may bring illumination as others give you feedback. It may also be a time to heal old wounds or negative thoughts so that there is room for clarity to enter your life. Be creative and daring in order to stretch your concept of who you really are and venture into new realms of understanding.

In all cases, the east Shield marks a time of new freedoms that come from wiping the mud from your eyes and seeing with the eye of Eagle. Observe which thoughts keep you in blidners and clear that Mindness through summoning your courage and taking flight.

9 SOUTH SHIELD (INNOCENCE/INNER CHILD): Returning to that part of yourself that doesn’t need support from the ego. Find where you can be humble in the present situation. Balance work with play and sacredness with irreverence. To continue you have to stop being uptight. This may be a time to get some physical exercise to loosen up tight muscles or to laugh to loosen up your sophisticated garbage. Stop holding on so tight and remember how to trust. How can you trust anything or anyone when the image in the mirror is not really you? In all cases your inner child is trying to teach you something about handling the situation. Listening and trusting the little tike might restore some of the lost magic of life. Remember, playfulness heals a world of woes. The more serious you take the game, the less chance any of us have of winning.

10 WEST SHIELD [INTROSPECTION/GOALS]: If the West Shield has appeared in your spread, Bear is asking you to look at your present goals and discern how they affect your future. Are the answers you seek from your own inner knowing? If not, it may be time to Enter the Silence and digest the questions so that your personal answers can emerge.

Bear also reminds us that the West Shield is the place of all tomorrows. If you are afraid of the unknown, it may be time to clear away the fear. Strength to accomplish this clearing is Bear’s greatest medicine. call on Bear and feel the courage to meet teh Future fill your spirit.

In all cases, the West Shield speaks of the ability to complete our goals, this acknowledgment of our inner strengths and the power to find and know our own answers. Remember that the opinions of others become mixed with our own doubts and become limitations when we forget to Enter the Silence.

11 NORTH SHIELD (WISDOM/GRATITUDE): Some kind of wisdom is coming your way. You are now being asked to show gratitude for these new understandings in order to continue the growth process. Wisdom is one way in which you can experience the natural order of the universe and how it applies to your life. Wisdom is an inner knowing that cannot be traded, sold, or stolen from you. Knowing is truth that has been experienced. You have learned a lesson and derived from it a sense of Self that will serve you for the rest of your life. The successful completion of this lesson should be marked by prayers of thanksgiving or acknowledged in gratitude. In so doing, you will have completed the circle of the Sacred Hoop and honored the source of that truth. Remember that the gift of wisdom is the heart of the recipient and remains alive as long as it is honored as a blessing.

12 ARROW (TRUTH AS PROTECTION): You are being asked to find the truth of your present situation. You can protect yourself from uncomfortable situations by using the truth as a protection. It does not matter what others thing of you. You know the truth. When you honor that truth, you cannot be hurt by the lies of others.

Arrow also speaks of the ideas of Brotherhood. This is to say that you must armor yourself with the good intent and truthfulness of those you wish to associate with. Drop those who would no longer honor your path or truth. Remember: Arrow is straight and always says, “Stay on The Sacred Path.”

13 CORAL (NURTURING): You are being asked to look at the idea you are nurturing. It may be time to nurture yourself or another. If you refuse to be nurtured it may be time to drop that superhuman attitude before you get sick. Coral tells us taht our bodies have needs too. Pay attention and be good to your body.

Coral also speaks to the Planetary Family (your archangel). If you feel lonely or alone, it may be time to have a reunion with the other creatures that share the Earth with you. Listen to All Our Relations and cut the “I’m the only one” refrain out of your thoughts. that you reconnect to those feelings.

Coral always tells us to listen to our feelings. If you have been ignoring how you feel around certain people or ho w your body feels, Coral is insisting that you reconnect to those feelings. Remember: to feel is to heal.


If Kokopelli has lured you with his magical flute, it is time to listen to his song. This song is one of fertility. You are being asked to use your talents to create fertility in some area of your life. If things have been slow moving, Kokopelli’s song is saying that whatever you intend to plant at this time will be very productive for you.

Planting seeds for the future takes effort on your part; so now is the time to use your skill and resources to make use of the magic. If you have a project to begin or an idea to develop, the timing couldn’t be better. Shift away from any old, limiting ideas and move forward. The time is now-the power is you!

15 TALKING STICK [VIEWPOINTS/OPTIONS]: The Talking Stick reminds us of the validity of other and teaches us how to listen and apply what we hear. We are being reminded not to interrupt others who are imparting wisdom. We are taught through listening that life has millions of options and answers to any dilemma.

If the Talking Stick has appeared in your spread, you are probably not allowing yourself any options in your present situation or have become too stuck on one idea to see any further than your self. Open up and listen to the opportunities taht the Talking Stick says are coming your way. Remember all life signals and/or options are available to thsoe who will hear. You are being given an opportunity to grow through an alternative route. Use this gift now.

16 POWER PLACE (EARTH CONNECTION/EMPOWERMENT): We are created in the image of a limitless Creator, the Great Mystery, and therefore we are limitless co-creators. The ability to infinitely create is one of our gifts as Catalyzers. When this gift is discovered and used properly, we become givers and receivers simultaneously, living antennae or bridges that conduct energy between Mother Earth and the sky Nation like the Thunder-beings. Individual Power Places become the teachers that instruct us in our catalyzing abilities.

You are seeking a way to become a Catalyzer of certain life events if you ahve chosen the Power Place card. Being the Catalyzer in any situation means you are commanding your talents to effect some kind of result. This ability is learned through Earth-Connection. Your body can conduct the energy you need to create the desired outcome if you allow the Earth Mother to feed you the extra voltage.

Find a personal Power Place and call upon the Four Elements through prayers of gratitude. Then yu can command your talents for good and effect the empowerment of manifestation. In so doing, your needs will be met. You can make it happen by using your creativity and receiving the energy needed from the Earth Mother. Remember that you are a Catalyzer and are totally responsible for your personal empowerment.

17 MOON LODGE [RETREAT]: The Moon Lodge card speaks of retreat. Take a break. Your influence cannot be felt at this time because you are in need of replenishing your own energy. This is a barren time in a sense because you need to be alone and honor yourself for a change.

Retreat is not an act of weakness; it is an act of strength. Without retreat, the future cannot take hold in the present. Make note that you are preparing for the time of fertile action by taking a rest move. Being alone at this time will allow you to do the things that give you joy without interference. Remember that miracles can happen when you repose and allow yourself to come to your new starting place in a gentle way.

18 WHIRLING RAINBOW [UNITY/WHOLENESS ACHIEVED] You are being asked to remove any type of discord from your life in order to grow. Don’t feed the negativity Look at any lessons being presented at this time, learn from them, then ocus your attention on creating new beauty and abundance in your life. Do not allow yourself to be caught in the quicksand of petty tyrants. A true, worthy opponent will present lessons to make you grow beyond any high drama and into a sense of unity with the Self. Other petty tyrants are not worthy of your attention or your energy. You need not take on the issues of others when the discord is due to their lack of unity within themselves.

Encircle any discord with the Whirling Rainbow of Peace and consider the unity you have with Great Mystery when you keep your eye on the goal and your feet on the Sacred Path of Beauty. Remember that any challengers to unity are equal to your ability to overcome them.

19 PAINTED FACE (SELF EXPRESSION): Use your creativity in order to express your feelings, your talents or your desires. Expressing who and what you are at any given moment is healing as well as productive. As you change and grow you may feel the need to alter the way in which others perceive you. Changing your appearance, attitudes and activities to match the new you may be called for at t his time.

The keynote is that this card asks you to open up and allow others to see your Medicine. In that way, you are offering a git to others who may have need of your talents. Don’t deny how you feel, what you think, or what you can offer the world. In truth and with grace it is now the time to allow the Medicine of the Self to emerge. You will never lose face by presenting the true Self minus the self-importance.

20 COUNTING COUP [VICTORY] The war cry has been shouted and victory is assured if you have received the Counting Coup card. You are being put on notice that a personal victory is in the works. You may have overcome a long-time challenge or conquered an opponent so now it is time to share your victory with others. Whether the victory is one of a spiritual nature or of winning a lottery ticket makes no difference. You are to honor yourself at this time and be grateful for this blessing.

Counting Coup represents the success of forward movement and the acknowledgment of right action. You have been true to yourself and are being rewarded for staying on The Sacred Path. Congratulations! Victory is sweet but sweeter the joy of your Coup with those who want to see you winning. Remember: Warriors who had Counted Coup always took care of the widowed, aged, and feeble. The material victories shared bring further honor, providing another Coup Feather for those willing to Give-Away.

21 RITES OF PASSAGE [CHANGE]: A Rite of Passage marks a time of some momentous change in life. If you have drawn this card, you are being asked to make note of the growth and change that is occurring because it will shape your future. The changes may be drastic and earth shaking, leaving a sense of confusion, but each one is benefiting your growth in some manner.

The Rite of Passage card can also speak of need for a change if you have lost the magick and spontaneity of life. Only you can make the decision to change the doldrums in excitement. If this decision is made, be ready to fly with Eagle and experience the new freedoms those changes can bring. In all cases, change is the key. Remember, if the moment you are experiencing is not beautiful, recreate it and you will have initiated your own Rite of Passage.

22 HEYOKAH [TRICKSTER]: If the Trickster has appeared on your horizon, you are in for a barrel of laughs. You may be doing exactly the opposite of what you need to be doing and are about to get busted for it. Stop leaking your creative energy on other people’s problems or high drama. Stop being so serious and crack a smile, or Coyote will dog your dreams. Remember that some days you are the fireplug and some days you are the Dog. That goes for everyone, so don’t let getting pooped on get you down. Learning through laughter or opposites can be fun. The keynote to the Heyokah card is to lighten up and start balancing the sacredness with irreverence. If you are just being stubborn, it may be time to create a contrary lesson that will force you to crack up, crack a smile, or trick you into going into the crack in the universe to find out what’s really important.

23 SMOKE SIGNALS [INTENT]: The smoke signals being sent your way call fo clear intent. If your purpose or direction in life has been muddled now is the time to “walk your talk.” The signals you send to others may be bringing unwanted attention your way. Observe what it is that you are putting out and straighten up so that you will attract the kind of experiences and people you want inside your Sacred Space.

Another message is a reminder from the Spirit “World.” If you lack direction or have unclear intent as to what your needs are, the Allies cannot assist you with those requests. Clear intent brings rewards on all levels and will speed your growth process. Pay attention and take advantage of the power of your intentions. You’ve won half the battle when your clear intent removes the barriers to decisive action.

24 COUNCIL FIRE (DECISIONS): If you have been waffling over what to do next, the Council Fire card is insisting tha you make a decision. There can be no forward movement if you fail to decide which trail will lead out of the swamp and into the forests. It takes courage to make changes in your life and all changes must begin with a decision. Do it and don’t look back. Life awaits you in all its beauty.

If the decision of another has left you in a precarious position, make new decisions of your own. There is no need to make your decisions based upon another’s. Consider all possibilities and how your decision affects others, then be courageous enough to act. Find your truth and stick to it.

25 POW WOW (SHARING/QUICKENING): If the Talking Drums have signaled a Pow-Wow, you are being put on notice to get together with others of like mind and exchange ideas. The quickening of some aspect of your life will be aided if you use a support system and see what type of support you can call upon from others.

The Pow-Wow card is marking a time of calling in your markers. You may need assistance or just a friend to be a sounding board. Your focus will become clearer, and you may receive the boost you need just from an encouraging word or two.

The quickening is inside of you and speaks of the time just preceding birth. Whatever you are giving birth to at this time can be assisted by gathering your friends around you for the needed support.

26 WAR BONNET [ADVANCE]: It is time to advance. Don’t waste energy going backward or staying in the doldrums. You are now able to move to the next step on the Sacred Path. Like a Warbonneted Chief, you have carried the right to learn the next set of life’s mysteries. Take your Medicine Bundle and all of the strengths it represents and charge forward.

The advance can be on any level. Your spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional healings are understood through life’s experiences. You can now approach your destiny with every feather you ahve earned marking your past victories and see the destiny you have chosen emerging before you. Your Medicine is strong and will allow the advancement you need at this time.

27 CRADLEBOARD [ABILITY TO RESPOND]: The papouse you are carrying is your future. If you wish to influence it, you must respond now. Whatever your situation, the ability to respond is called for at this time. The Warrior side of your nature has the courage you need. Don’t sit and wait for someone else to do something. Use your creativity, sspeak your truth, and respond.

You are being reminded that it is your responsibility to find your own answers and act upon them. Whether it is a past, present, or future challenge makes no difference. You can respond in a way that will promote your growth. Look at how you can use your personal Medicine to respond to the situation and how that action will make you grow. You have the ability, so now you must recognize it in the Self and use it.

28 MEDICINE BUNDLE [ALLIES/SUPPORT] You are being asked to honor the wisdom of your Ancestors and the Allies. If you are not sure what the messages are, look at the strengths that are now being given to you and count them as your personal Medicine. This assistance is supporting your present path and should be recognized as blessings from your Medicine Helpers. Through them, you may find the courage to support the Self.

The focus of this card tells you that you are not alone. The Path may be difficult at this time. but you are being supported during your climb. I The Path is progressing easily, you are in alignment with the Allies and are experiencing their assistance. Be grateful.

In all instances you are being asked to note who is helping and see if you can return the favor by supporting others. The assistance of the Medicine Helpers does not falter when you stumble to your path. By example, you should also remain true to others you have assisted. Betrayal after trust is deadly. To have Allies, you must also learn how to be one.

29 THE STORYTELLER (EXPANSION): The Storyteller card speaks of expansion on all levels. You are now growing and encompassing many new ideas if you have received this ard. See which area of expansion needs your attention and feed your personal Fire of Creation. Create more and enjoy the expansion, knowing you earned it.

Note that the expansion will continue if you are willing to share how you achieved your success with others. Many lives are influenced by another’s story. In the good of fortune of your present situation, you may be instrumental in encouraging others.

In all cases, expansion occurs when people are allowed to grow at their own rate and with their own understanding. The wisdom of the Storyteller is a part of the art of remembering Note that you are now remembering your personal medicine and how to be your potential.

30 FIRE MEDICINE (PASSION AND SPONTANEITY): You are being asked to acknowledge the Fire within. Your spontaneity for lliving depends upon your connection to Fire. You can support your passion for living through acknowledging all of the Good Medicine present in your life. Your ability to create adventure and excitement comes from your willingness to give yourself pleasure and joy. All that is needed to continue the passion is to decide you are worthy and proceed.

If you have any judgments about passion on the physical level, it may be time to clear them. All acts of life area sacred when treated in a respectful manner. Any old fears of intimacy or commitment can act as limitations to relationships. If this applies to you, clear the fear. s the fear leaves, so will the coldness of past hurts, and you will be ready for more rewarding future relationships.

In all cases, Fire Medicine insists that we use the Fire within to fuel our lives with energy. This energy comes from Mother Earth’s passionate physicality and Grandfather Sun’s spontaneous love. When we are in balance, this divine Union sparks our natural desire for experiencing life. If the spontaneity is already happening to you, continue.

31 MEDICINE BOWL [HEALING] If you chose the Medicine Bowl card today, healing is on the horizon. This can be a spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical healing. Pay attention to the events in your life and acknowledge with gratitude the healings that manifest themselves. The steps toward wholeness are often marked with small healing releases and can often be overlooked. Become aware of shifts in attitude or a new sense of well-being, and you will understand the healing as it manifests. In this way you are assisting your future, beyond the Void, to heal you in the present.

In all cases, the Medicine Bowl speaks of Good Medicine. It is being offered. Your present ask is to find it and use it to heal the Self or to assist another.

32 DRUM RHYTHM/INTERNAL TIMING): Find your own internal timing. You may be pushing too hard or missing a beat. Being out of sync calls for realignment with the body’s needs. Rhythm is a personal thing. To honor your own rhythm is to come back into harmony with the Self. From this point, personal comfort allows you to harmonize with other rhythms of life.

The Drum also speaks of allowing yourself to be supported by Mother Erath’s heartbeat. That is to say, your mind may be outdistancing hat your body can handle and hte body cannot pull needed energy from the Earth because it is trying to keep up with your thoughts. If this applies, you are missing a beat. Slow down and rediscover the heartbeat of your true Mother. Then the synchronicity of your movements will be effortless.

In all cases, rhythm is the key. Become aware of all rhythms and see how yours fits in. If it feels right, you become the music and the dance you are dancing becomes a celebration of life.

33 DREAMTIME [UNLIMITED VISION] You are being asked to see with unlimited vision. Wipe the dust from your eyes and pay attention to the messages you are receiving from the parallel universe. Our world is pregnant with possibilities. All time is now. You are a co-creator in the Two Worlds and will be given unlimited sight and knowing if you ask for it. This vision may come in a sleeptime dream or through out-of-body Journeying. It will give you the insight that you need at this time. Unlimited vision allows any seeker to pierce the veil of unconsciousness and come to an inner knowing. In all cases, this card marks marks a time of sseeing truth on all levels of Creation. You are now being given the ability to go beyond the accepted reality. The cocoon is open, trust yourself, your Allies, and your Medicine. You may now take flight.


If you are carrying Burden Basket today, this card is telling you to pull from y our inner-strength and become self-reliant. You can conquer the world when you let go of the burden by trusting yoru ability to find your own answers. Problems cease being burdens when solutions are found.

The Burden Basket to find our own solution.. Burden Basket also teaches us not to drop our woes at the door of another. Relying on ourselves and our connection to Great Mystery teaches us to stretch into our potential. If confusion sets in and counsel is sought, use the advice. Don’t waste the precious time of others if you do not intend to respect the wisdom offered. Know also that it’s not your job to solve the problems of others. Don’t rob others of their right to self-reliance.

In all cases, we only carry the burdens we wish to carry. If it makes us feel good or important to have so much to handle, we might need to look at our ideas of self-importance. The reminder is that we are all self-reliant and must use our talents. The best answer is one shared equally by all travelers on The Sacred Path.

35 SHAWL [RETURNING HOME] If the Shawl has fallen across your shoulders, you are being invited to return home. If you have forgotten yourself recently it is now time to remember your essence and potential. If you have walked a crooked trail by falsely judging others, it is now time to come home to the loving heart and see the value in all paths and chosen lessons.

You may be coming home to the magick that you once believed in or to a new sense of well-being, but in every case you are returning to a temporarily forgotten state of being.In every life there is a need to return to the simplicity of happiness. If you ahve forgotten how to find the simply truths that once supported your inner joy, it is time to return home.

Wearing the Shawl is coming home in the arms of the Earth Mother and being loved. The responsibility of Taking the Shawl is being loving to others who have forgotten the sacred Path or the way home.

36 THUNDER-BEINGS [USABLE ENERGY]: The Thunder-Beings card is telling you that you are a Catalyzer and may now command the usable energy at hand. You are being funded with the energy needed to complete any task you have in mind. If you have been trying without results or just couldn’t get enough steam going, this card signals relief. You can drop the frustration and get on with it. The energy is now yours. Call it to you and use it. Usable energy comes in many forms. See which kind of energy applies to your present situation and then command it. Your body is the lightning rod and will conduct all the energy you need. Shout your intention to the Sky Nation. The Thunder-beings remind you to replenish yourself equally to the amount of energy you expend.

37 GREAT MYSTERY (ORIGINAL SOURCE): Every life form has one common mission as well as their individual ones. Each life form is created to learn to be an equal contributor to the beauty of the whole. The purpose of the common mission is to discover who you are, why you are here, what talents you can use to assist the whole, and how you are going to go about it. This mission of discovery is the Sacred Path of Beauty that allows every living creature to express uniqueness in a way that exemplifies harmony and truth…. All ideas in Creation come from Great Mystery, are gathered by Great Spirit, and then are used to feed the rest of Creation.

The Great Mystery card tells us the Original Source is the Creator of all life and that we are created in that likeness. We are free-willed co-creators who become the source of all we to experience in life. The buck stops here. We are totally responsible for all our joys and all our pain. ,

In receiving this card you are being reminded to give gratitude for all of your lessons; it changes any pain to gain. Focus on your creative capacity and you can change anything. It may be time to drop any blame, shame, or regret and take charge of your life. The victim role doesn’t suit you. We are creted in the image of an infinite Creator and are therefore limitless co-creators.

In all cases, Great Mystery will continue to confound and astound us every time we try to figure it all out. Stop your mind’s chatter and listen to the Source. Original Source shows us that the Mystery lives within us and contains all the answers we need to find along the Sacred Path. The Sacred Path of Beauty is experiencing the mystery of life without having to control the outcome from our tunnel-vision command post. Go with the flow and watch the glory of limitless co-creation. After all, Great Mystery is the Divine plan and everything is on schedule.

38 FIELD OF PLENTY (IDEAS/NEEDS MANIFESTED): The cornucopia is full of an abundance of ideas, talents, clothing, experiences, food, companions, and feelings that will serve the needs of the Children of Earth. If the Field of Plenty card has appeared, you are being assured that what you need at this time is manifesting Your needs will be met. Give thanks now, before your needs are met. Show Great Mystery the trust you have in your process, dropping any doubt, becoming childlike again.

Do not limit the manner in which the physical manifestation occurs. Original Source operates in mysterious ways, placing hte perfect people, places, and things on our paths to be answers to our true needs. We are asked to recall the differences between true needs and material crutches, which are mere illusions of happiness. In all instances, the Field of Plenty reminds us of our Divine right to have our prayers answered and our needs met.

39 STONE PEOPLE [RECORDS/KNOWING REVEALED] The Stone People mark a time in which knowing will be revealed to you. Your personal records are held by these libraries of rock. Childhood memories may return and allow you to piece together a part of your personal puzzle. Memories of past lives or deja vu could bring new awareness. Whatever the case, you are now in a position to know where you came from and where you are going.

A Stone Person can assist you in focusing your intent, dispelling confusion, changing habits, retrieving records from long ago, or getting grounded. Allow these teachers to become your Allies and discover a new world. Listen to the whispers of the mineral kingdom and your heart will know.

In all cases, the Stone People card asks you to open your mind because new understanding is coming your way. This knowledge is based on Earth Records and may change the way in which you view life. These ancient friends are the oldest Children of Earth and only ask us to stop and listen.

40 SMOKING MIRROR (REFLECTIONS): The Great Smoking Mirror reflects the lesson of leaving the myth behind. You are what you decide you are. Remove the smoke screen that hides your natural talents of worth, and stand tall. Recognize the areas to be developed further and begin that process. Stop cowering before your potential and live your truth. There are millions of role models to choose from.

On another level you are being asked to be a good reflection for others. Encourage others to be bold through Walking Your Talk. The reflections you see in others may not make you happy if you are doubting yourself andyour right to be. Jealousy on any level only inhibits growth and wastes energy. Shatter the mirrors that insist on self-importance, gloom, or failure so you can get down to what’s really important.

On all levels the Smoking Mirror asks us to accept light and shadow as equal. The reflectiosn we dislike can be worthy opponents w ho teach us to grow into our potential. Even our shadow sides serve us by leading us through trial and error to the true image of Self.

41 SHAMAN’S DEATH: [DEATH AND REBIRTH] In choosing the Shaman’s Death card, you are being put on notice that a death cycle or ending is in progress. Before the rebirth can occur, the habit, attitude, relationship or part of the Self that is dying must be looked at. Assist the process by consciously allowing the old to be removed. Let go and then make way for the new cycle of life to take hold.

Remember that you are creating fertile ground for new adventures when you are willing to let your old identities die. The rebirth cycle is always full of promise and growth when you allow the old patterns to die with dignity.


The Hour of Power speaks of Rituals of Joy. No matter what your present situation, you are being asked to do what gives your heart the greatest joy. Drop any activity that is taxing and focus on connecting to the Earth and being fed with the energy you need to maintain happiness.

This card signals the zero-rest balance point that will keep you from becoming out of harmony if you realign body, mind, and spirit by doing something that gives you joy this little happiness break is what will keep you from breaking apart if you are stressed out.

Life force is available to you in this moment. Be reminded not to leak this precious Manna on regret or indecision. The keynote here is celebrating life. Find the blessings that give you joy, discover your Hour of Power, and feed the talents that allow you to develop your greatest potential.

43 GIVE AWAY [RELEASE]: The Give-Away card spells relief through release. Don’t get stuck holding on to anything that no longer serves you. Associates, ideas, habits, and belongings may need to go at this time. Attachment to attitudes like needing to be needed or liked may no longer serve either. You are being asked to share what you can, give away something that can help someone else, or just let go. Don’t hold on so tight. The natural flow of life is squelched when you insist on total control. In all cases, the Give-Away card tells us to release any bond that makes us captives of our own creation. In so doing, we can spread our wings and fly. Remember that generosity is a talent and a virtue that comes from dropping the fear of scarcity and from trusting Great Mystery.

44 SACRED SPACE (RESPECT): The Sacred Space card insists on respect for the possessions, ideas, homes, and persons of others. This also applies to demanding it for the Self. Mark your territory. Respect yourself so that others will see that reflection in themselves and in how they deal with you. Be willing to say no.

Sacred Space means that you consider your body, feelings, and possessions sacred adn will not allow others to abuse them. Only invite those who have earned teh right into your Sacred Space. you are the one who sets up how other people treat you through how you treat yourself.

In all cases the respect you show yourself and other life forms determines how you relate to the Planetary Family. If you allow others to be destructive in yoru Sacred Space, on some level you don’t have the guts to be disliked. It is not important to be liked by others, but it is important to be ble to live with yourself. Happiness begins within.

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