Reading using Sacred Path + Medicine Cards (Animal Totems)

THE NINE TOTEM ANIMALS is a spread the authors say should not be used again; however I have found this spread incredibly useful at life's cross-roads as I have personally changed a few times and totem animals have come and gone. Decide for yourself, though, how you want to approach this powerful opportunity:

EAST: Guides you to your greatest spiritual challenges and guards your path to illumination.

SOUTH: Protects the child within and reminds you when to be humble and when to trust, so that innocence will be balanced in your personality. I have found this to be your most primal gifts.

WEST: The animal in the West leads you to your personal truth and inner answers. It also shows you the path in your goals.

NORTH: Gives wise counsel and reminds you when to speak and when to listen. It also reminds you to be grateful for every blessing every day. I believe this represents your relationship to personal authority.

ABOVE: Teaches you how to honor the Great Star Nation; and reminds you that you came from teh stars and to the stars you will return. It is the guardian of the Dreamtime-for your personal access to the other dimensions.

BELOW: Teaches you about the inner Earth, and how to stay grounded and on the path.

WITHIN: Teaches you how to find your heart's joy and how to be faithful to your personal truths. It is also the protector of your sacred space, the place that is yours alone and is never shared except by invitation.

RIGHT: Guards your male side and teaches you that, no mater where you turn, it will be your father-protector (spirit guide) within. This animal also carries your courage and warrior spirit.

LEFT: Protector of the Female side and teaches you that you must learn to receive abundance as well as to nurture yourself and others. The left-side animal is also your teacher about relationships and mothering.

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