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Jack Parsons was Aleister Crowley's favorite acolyte and was being tailored to be the OTO's highest rank in the United States until he completed the Babalon Working, a magickal spell Aleister had been trying to accomplish for decades, but failed. Jack was extraordinary because he was what many would call the founding father of rocketry but has been virtually written out of NASA's history because he was an Occultist. And yet he invented powdered rocket fuel that NASA used for years because liquid rocket fuel they'd been using was too heavy for space travel. Official reports are Jack died when his garage exploded in July of 1952 during an experiment but nobody believes it. EVERYBODY believes it was the work of the CIA. All this attention with just Algebra and a High School diploma.

Jack Parsons and Aleister Crowley were Occultists and practiced what modern magicians call High Magick and as far as I can see, were two of the last Magicians who crossed dimensions if you don't count Lon Milo DuQuette. Since Aleister ultimately "fired" Jack, there was nobody to inherit his work and the keys to the OTO. Grady McMurtry had money and was motivated so invested a small fortune in gathering all the product and organization together and proselyted bringing hordes of new people into the OTO. Grady was a dedicated magician, but not a mystic.

Grady McMurtry brought many new members into the OTO and republished Crowley's life's work, including his Thoth Deck, but began giving degrees to those who paid the fees for ascension. I am going to tell you this: Grady was having a relationship with Niles' wife and gave Niles a Thoth deck that Niles never used, but hid away in his sock drawer. Niles gave the deck to me and when I told him there was something special about this deck he told me his story about his involvement in the OTO. Niles was a groupie that had sex with all the occult big shots who'd have him. I've known for a while that I had some weird connection to jack Parsons and as strange as this may sound, the reason Niles was so insistent in giving me his Wiccan keys was because he was being compelled by Jack Parsons -- probably as Jack was a First Born 6th dimension Spirit Guide attracted to the work we'd been doing with Sumerian gods which Jack engaged during the Babalon Working.

The following are hand-written pages Niles printed one day in the latter part of 2013 for our Book of Shadows.



She is feminine sexual property, mother Earth in her most fertile sense (ovulating/menstruating). Sword is her tool. She is the Sacred Whore, the Whore-Mother of Babalon.

Ecstasy and Religious Chaos (VSO/136-check diaries)

Jack Whiteside Parsons 2 Oct 1914 – 17 June 1952

Rocket propulsion engineer, chemist, Thelemite, Occultist

A pioneer in solid fuel rocket research/development: used laboratory at Caltech for experiments. A principle founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the Aerojet Engineering Corp.

Born in LA wealthy Pasadena family Briefly involved in Marxism – (Monad written in red ink?) Jack was married to Helen when he initiated in the OTO (Agape Lodge in California) in 15 Feb 1941 [Niles notes he writes date on 14 Feb 1991]

Aleister Crowley elevates Jack to Lodge Leader replacing Wilfred Talbot Smith in 1942 and began running Agape out of his home in Pasadena.

[notes: “math symbols”]


An evil figurer in Islamic eschatology that will appear pretending to be MADIH (the Messiah)

Dajjal = adjective of Syrias original meaning “deceiving” or “the placebo” or “imposter”: a human being called a living devil or incarnate IBLIS from Islam is known as the devil. [why was this important?]

Liber 49 has 77 communications (less nos. 5,6,7,8 which were lost)

This leaves 73 (= 10 = 1) [also important no. in Pythagorean Tektraktys]

#21 The Sigil of Devotion: A disk of copper 3” in diameter. Paint ? the field blue and the star gold of me(?), BABALON

· Math/Symbols

· Aleister Crowley wrote to Smith that Parsons is the most valued member of the Whole Order, with no exception!

· 1941 Helen leaves for a period and Jack starts a sexual relationship with Helen’s 17 year old sister “Betty.” Helen returns and begins a relationship with Talbot Smith. The 4 remain friends. Jack also befriends Grady McMurtry (1940) who would eventually become “Caliph of the OTO”. Jack was having sexual relations with Grady’s fiancé. Grady quit the relationship with Jack.

· Jack started a Thelemite journal, OriFlamme, but it fizzled (Aleister Crowley did not like his poetry)

Parsons rented rooms to his friends and strange clientele in 1945. L. Ron Hubbard rented a room in Parsons’ house. Soon Hubbard was involved with Sarah “Betty” and Jack was intensely jealous.

Jack began studying witchcraft and looked at the “Dark Side” which concerned some of the other residents who believed Jack had invoked “troublesome spirits” into the house. Poltergeists, orbs, ghostly apparitions, disembodied voices, and screaming banshees to the windows.

Jack began Enochian Magick to attract a new lover, masturbation, magical tablets (Pentacles) using his semen and blood. He brought L. Ron into these rituals saying Hubbard was sensitive in detecting magical phenomenon.

Jack and L. Ron last Enochian Ritual took place in the Mojave Desert . January 18, 1946, when they returned home, a woman named Marjorie “Candy” Cameron had come to visit. Jack said Candy was the “elemental” woman he had been invoking and the two began performing Sex Magick rituals. *

Describing this as the Babalon Working he hoped to bring about the incarnation of a Thelemite Female Messiah, Babalon, onto the earth, with Cameron acting as the “Scarlet Woman” in these rituals.

Aleister Crowley didn’t like this idea at all, but Jack was committed. Retreating back to the desert, he came to believe that a Preternatural Entity spoke to him and provided him with the magickal text Liber 49(B4) which Jack said was the 4th Babylon!!!! Part of the Book of the Law (Liber Al). Aleister Crowley’s slim volume of all and everything. He had it backwards. Liber 49 was the 3d and final part of the Babylon Trilogy which never got written.

[Refer to Jung: so the entity still awaits in timelessness for clarity and vision.]

Liber Al=primary text of Aleister Crowley’s OTO. Jack’s Liber

49 was not meant to be the end of Liber Al, but the 3d and final Chapter of Parson’s ‘The Book of Babylon’ a new and sacred text that had an ending but not beginning or middle. “Jack had it backwards. He got it right, but the wrong end. Got it (placed it) in (as) the wrong ending – the wrong Liber.”


Parsons decided to sell his house. He and L. Ron/Sarah start a company, “Allied Enterprises.” Jack invests his life savings ($20,970). L Ron and Sara will go to Miami, buy 3 yachts, sail them through Panama canal and to the West Coast where they can sell them for a profit. Aleister tells Jack this is a scam and Jack races to Miami and dissolves the corporation with a temporary injunction. L. Ron is told by court to pay back Jack’s $21,000, but Jack is stopped by Sara who blackmails Jack with the fact that she had sex with him while she was underage which could send Jack to jail. “

Depressed, Jack returns to California, sells the house, resigns from the OTO in a letter that tells Aleister he does not believe “that as an autocratic organization, the OTO constitutes a true and proper medium for the expression and attainment of the Thelemic rites expressed in Crowley’s “Liber OZ” (1941).

October 19, 1946: Jack married Candy Cameron 4 days after his divorce from Helen was final.

Although no longer in the OTO, Jack continued practicing Sex Magick with Cameron and communicated with Aleister Crowley until Crowley’s death in 1947.

The Red Scare Period of McCarthyism focused on Jack which resulted in him losing his security clearance and was unable to work anymore in rocket science. Working menial jobs didn’t help Jack’s spirit and he basically “stayed low” for a while.

But Jack was called upon again. This time Samhain 1948 to continue his occult works alone. He embarked on various sex magickal operations with various prostitutes, intent on performing “the Crossing of the Abyss”, thereby attaining union with the Universal Consciousness and becoming the Master of the Temple [which Terra Incognita is presently working on with the seed crystal]. Following his success in doing so, Jack reconted having an out of body experience invoked by Babalon, who astrally transported to the biblical city of Chorazin. Part of Parson’s “Oath of the Abyss” was an “Oath of the Antichrist, in which he professed to embody an entity named Belarion Armillus Al Dajjal “who am come to fulfill the law of the Beast +666 (Aleister Crowley). This name being a composite of alternate spellings referring to the Judeo-Christian daemon Belial, and the false messiahs of Jewish and Islamic eschatology, Armilus and the Masih-ad-Dajjal.

Viewing these oaths as the Completion of the Babalon Working, he autoried an autobiography titled “Analysis by a Master of the Temple and an occult text terms, “The book of Anti-Christ.” In the latter work, Jack communicating as Belarion prophesied that in 7 yearson the condition that he lived, Babalon would manifest on earth, superseding the

Abrahamic religions and converting the United States and the World to Thelema.

Aalthough Parsons would not live this long, Cameron claimed following his death, that Babalon was successfully manifested in her person. Reinforcing his protestations about the OTO, Parsons describes it as “an excellent training school for adepts, but hardly an appropriate Order for the manifestation of Thelema.

His security ban from government classified projects was re-instated in 1952 re-introduced, Jack started making his own chemical, creating pyrotechniast Explosion for the movie industry. Cameron and Jack reconciled and moved in together again in Pasadena. They held parties for the Beat Generation and Jack also founded a new Thelemite group known as “The Witchcraft” whose beliefs revolved around his Babalon prophesies, offering a course in its teachings for a $10 fee.

Jack Parsons died from an explosion in his building. His mother upon being notified of Jack’s death, immediately committed suicide by overdosing on barbituates. Police ruled it an accident, but some said it was suicide which a few claimed murder, including “Candy” Cameron. Scatting Jack’s ashes in the Mojave Desert, she burned most o fhis possessions and later attempted astral projection to commune with him. The OTO held a memorial service perforing the Gnostic Mass. Cameron continued her work in art and occultism until her death in 1995.

“No philosophy, theory, religion or system of thought can be absolute and infallible. They are relative only on man’s opinion is just as good as another’s.“

Jack Parsons

Grady Louis McMurtry 18 Oct 1918 – 12 Jul 1985

Personal student of Aleister Crowley while on active duty in England.

1943-1944 – Got IX° Nov 1943

Aleister called him Caliph representing USA April 1946 Germeri(?) tried to foil his Caliph in 1959 Grady moves to Washington DC in 1961 and lost touch with OTO In 1962 Carl Germeri dies so there is no OTO

Kenneth Grant from the UK, Herman Metzger from Switzerland and Marcelo Motta from Brazil all claim succession

Phyllis Seckler from Agape Lodge OTO writes Grady to come back and save the Order Initiated “Caliph”, Israel Regardie and Gerald Yorke(sp?) both offer Grady support Grady and Phyllis are married and then separated in 1974 and Grady moves to Berkley, California

1975 Germeri’s widow dies and OTO claim (Court Order) but there is still a considerable OTO Aleister Crowley archive.

1977 Grady founds “Thelema Lodge” in Berkley OTO starts initiating new members and organizing new Charter to group around the world (Niles was AHA camp OTO; to date, the OTO has 3000 members in 50 countries.


One of the first numeral is unity. One, All-Oneness, individuality and non-duality- not a numerical but a philosophical concept, an archetype and attribute of God, the Monad. It is quite proper that the human intellect should make these statements; but at the same time the intellect is determined and united by its conception of oneness and its implications. In other words, these statements are not arbitrary. They are governed by the nature of oneness and therefore are necessary statements.

The figures from the unconscious are uninformed to and need man or contact with consciousness, in order to attain to knowledge. When I began working with the unconscious, I found myself much involved with the figures of Salome and Elijah. They receded, but after about two years they reappeared. To my enormous astonishment, they were completely unchanged; they spoke and acted as if nothing had happened in the meanwhile … At the time I had been greatly surprised by this situation. Only later did I understand what had happened: in the interval the two had sunk back into the unconscious and into themselves. I might equally well put it, into timelessness. They remained out of contact with the ego and the ego’s changing circumstances, and therefore were ignorant of what had happened in the world of consciousness.

Carl Jung “on Life after Death”

[Niles says: We need to finish Jack’s work and then let him know it’s done and to rest now. (Perhaps a BIG Babalon ritual with public and OTO..not sure – um no.

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