Galahad was the son of Lancelot and Elaine of Corbenic. In being the grandson of the Grail Guardian and the son of the world's best knight, Galahad was the perfect knight--the messianic literary figure, created to be the stainless hero of the Grail Quest.

At a young age Galahda was placed in care of the Grail King's sister, and raised in a nunnery. Once he readhed the age of fifteen, the sisters summoned Lancelot, asking tha the knight the unknown boy. Lancelot agreed, knighted Galahad, then returned to the court, without suspecting that the young man was his son.

The following day Galahad was escorted to Arthur's court by an old man, who introduced him to the king and his Fellowship.

There remained one vacant seat at the Round Table which was known as the Perilous Seat. None could rest in this seat, save the knight destined to achieve the Holy Grail. Percivale's previous attempt to sit in it brought darkness upon the court and caused the stone to split. A disembodied voice then condemned the act, and Arthur, for allowing it.

The wise old man lifted the lcoth that covered the Perilous Seat to reveal newly painted letters that read "This is the siege of Galahad." On the old man's bidding, Galahad sat securely in the Perilous Seat.

After witnessing this marvel, the Knights of the Round Table made the newcomer welcome. Bors was the only one to recognize Galahad as Lancelot's son. He took great glee and amusement in watching his fellow knights' warm reactions to the young stranger, especially that of the unknowing Lancelot.

The king later led Galahad to the river's edge, where the youngster succeeded in pulling the sword from the stone. Having achieved both the Perilous Seat and the sword, the knights understood that the young and gentle man in their midst was destined to achieve the ultimate question--the Quest for the Holy Grail.

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