Castle of Maidens (Galahad)

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Galahad restores the castle to its rightful heiress.

During his Quest, Galahad came upon a deserted chapel upon a mountain. As he knelt to pray before its altar he heard a voice that commanded him to seek out the castle of Maidens and do away with its wicked custom. Galahad did as he was instructed and found the castle beside the River Severn. As he approached the stronghold an old man warned him not to venture any further, as the castle was occupied by seven murderous knights sho kept many women captive for their private pleasures. There then came seven maids and after that a spire all of whom repeated the arning. Knowing this to be his charge, Galahad disregarded their pleas and pressed on.

The seven knights emerged from their lair to confont the stranger, demanding that he ride on or face his death. Galahad chalelnged and overcame all seven knights, who on losing their courage ran to the forest for cover.

The wronged women of hte castle then appeared and thanked their champion. Fearing the return of the villains, the chief lady suggested taht Galahad summon all the people of the surroundiing lands andhave them swear to return to the old ways. Galahad agreed and blew an ivory horn, calling all locals to the castle. As he awaited their arrival, Galahad was told how seven years previously, the seven knights had slain the lord of the castle and taken his daughters (an dmany maids since) hostage. After three days of enduing the evils of the knights, the elder daughter died, but fortunately the yonger daughter survived. On learning this, Galahad made all of the local residents pay homage to the daughter as the rightful heir of the castle and its lands.

The following day Galahad received word that the seven knights had encountered Gawain and his brothers in the forest. In the battle that followed, all seven evil knights had met their death. Since all fears were now put to rest, Galahad returned to his Quest, leaving the Castle of Maidens and tis lands under the rule of the women.

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