Bors was Lancelot's cousin and one of Arthur's best knights. Throughout his life, Bors remained a steadfast supporter of the king. Perhaps the best known trial endured by Bors was the impossible decision he faced of either helping a young woman or his brother, both of whom were in immediate danger. As Bors approached a crossroads he saw a maid being carried off by a lecherous knight in one direction, and in the opposite direction he could see two knights who beat upon his brother Lionel. Bors chose to save the maid and in the time it took him to return, Lionel had managed to overcome his enemies. Thinking his brother had forsaken him, Lionel was blind with rage and lunged at Bors. A desperate battle began; their tempers became so hot that the struggle may hve been fatal. As Bors made ready to strike his deadly blow a brilliant ragine wall of flame burst forth, separating the two men. The miraculous sight caused the brothers to retreat and drop their weapons. The flames succeeded in ending the battle and preventing tragedy, though from that day forward the brothers did not speak to one another.

By some accounts, Bors was a model knight, second only to Galahad. In being toally dedicated to his Quest, Bors had intended to remain chaste throughout his days. Yet during his adventures and trials he was magickally seduced by teh daughter of King Brangorte, who then gave bith to Helain le Blanc. Nevertheless, this incident did not prevent him from accompanying Galahad and Percivale to the Grail Castle and achieving the Grail.

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