52 Black Panther (Embracing the Unknown)

[Excerpted] Black Panther's medicine allows human beings to face their fears and dark behaviors, exploring those internal shadowy aspects of being. Most of Panther's tribe had been stalked and killed by the other two-leggeds, who had come across the big water and who feared their own dark natures. Those people were in need of her healing medicine.

The Caddo people called her clan the Black Panther, and her tribe was known as the Midnight or Black Jaguar to the Maya. The color black is honored by the red race. Darkness is the place for seeking and finding answers, for accepting healings and for accessing the hidden light of truth. Black Panther teaches us through out dreams to delve into the places within ourselves that need healing. She shows us how to track the unfamiliar territory found on hte journey of self-discovery and to fearlessly face the unknown.

If the Black Panther has appeared today, it may be telling you not to worry about the future. Trust that you are not supposed to be mentally "figuring it out" at this time. You may need to confront fears of the unknown, of being less than you truly are, or an inability to simply BE. Let go of fears that appear as obstacles or barriers. Embrace the unknown and flow with the mystery that is unfolding in your life. The next step may be leaping empty-handed into the cold with implicit trust. In the stillness of the void, find the will to discovery and healing process. Here you will discover Black Panther's unexpected blessings.


If Black Panther is appearing as contrary, you may be seeing situations as black or white, good or bad, without middle ground. Be free of mental presuppositions and expectations. It could be time to do some housecleaing. Let go of negative people, limiting thoughts, or any fear of being alone. If you are out of balance, your shadow may be creating demons of fear. Enter the stillness and refuse to surrender your personal authority to avoidance mechanisms, justifications, or mental gymnastics. Remember, the fear of "what if" will always keep you from enjoying the present moment and life's gift is the present.

Feeling jumpy, nervous, confused, paranoid, afraid of being alone, or somehow at risk? These feelings are the shadow's domain. Tell your shadow to get lost! Then acknowledge and release any feelings of discomfort. Find the emptiness of the void and snuggle into Black Panther's midnight fur. In all cases, you are reminded that every human being emerged from the darkness fo the womb; you once felt that the silence and the ebony void of this nurturing space was the safest place to BE.

Sams Jamie & Carson Medicine Cards 1999 . New York St. Martins Press. (245-246)

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