Ambrosius (King)

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Glad hearts rejoice at the victory of Ambrosius.

Amidst the chaos following the death of Constantine, his two young sons, ambrosius and Uther, were taken and safely hidden in Brittany. During their absence, the people of Britain endured many hardships under the reign of Vortigern, and suffered further under the force of the invading Saxons.

Aurelius Ambrosius matured into a fine, honourable man with many talents. Over the years he and Uther trained an army, and then prepared to reclaim their kingdom.

Merlin prophesied the return of the sons of Constantine, instilling great hope in the people of the land. Once Ambrosius landed upon the British shore, the people rallied around their rightful king.

First on the brothers' agenda was to rid Britain of the tyrant King Vortigern. Having done this, Ambrosius led his forces against the Saxons and their allies.

Though it took a great effort, they eventually were able to subdue the Saxon host.

Aurelius ambrosius had led his fellow countrymen to their first substantial victory over the invaders and setr the stage for the following triumphs of Arthur.

From Ferguson, Anna-Marie. Keeper of Words. 1995 Llewellyn Publications. St. Paul, Minnesota. (161)

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