17 Mountain Lion (Leadership)

Mountain Lion can be a very difficult power totem for you to have, because it places you in a position to be a target for the problems of others. You could be blamed for things going wrong, or for always taking charge when others cannot. You could become the perfect justification for the insecurities of others.

Mountain Lion medicine involves lessons on the use of power in leadership. It is the ability to lead without insisting that others follow. It is the understanding that all beings are otential leaders in their own ways. The use and abuse of power in a position of influence are part of this great cat's medicine.

By observing the graceful pounce of Mountain Lion, you will learn how to balance power, intention, physical strength and grace. This relates in human terms to the balance of body, mind and spirit. The giant feline never wastes anything. It only kills what it needs for survival. The female lion is the hunter who graces her table in a style akin to mother energy.

If Mountain Lion has come to you in dreams, it is a time to stand on your convictions and lead yourself where your heart takes you. Others may choose to follow, and the lessons will multiply. If you have pulled the card of Mountain Lion, you may be asked to review the purpose behind your personal beliefs. You may need to discover whether or not your plans include a pride of cubs wanting ot be like you or to share in your dreams. If you are already a leader, the question may be whether or not the time has come to push the cubs otu of the cave. If you are aligned with cat medicine, you are considered to be "king of the mountain," and never allowed to be human or vulnerable. The pitfalls are many, but the rewards are great.

In assuming the place of power that Mountain Lion affords, you must constantly be aware of keeping peace. However you can never make everyone happy unless you lie to yourself or others. This is human nature. Therefore the first responsibility of leadership is to tell the truth. Know it and live it, and your example will filter down to the tiniest cub in the pride. responsibility is no more than the ability to respond to any situation. Panic is not a part of this sacred medicine.


If your Mountain Lion card is reversed, you may be playing with fire. A leader who tries to elad through tyranny or dictatorship has forgotten the medicine of truth. Through the reversal of this medicine, you may be tricked into believing that nothing else has validity except the ideas created by yourself. Watch out! Rome crumbled for this very reason! If this aspect of the contrary medicine does not apply to your situation, look at other messages which Mountain Lion brings in the reversed position.

If you are avoiding taking your place of leadership, it could be because the whole idea scares you silly. This is a normal state of affairs for one who has never been a leader before. In this instance it is necessary to call upon the courage of Lion and to begin by learning the lessons of the "lion-hearted."

Another message of Mountain Lion reversed is to not let yourself be led down the primrose path by a leader who is abusing power. If you want to put yourself on the road to being a leader in your own right, ask questions of anyone to whom you have given authority. See if they carry the medicine of Mountain Lion, and whether you can grow into your own leadership by observing how they handle the task of setting examples.

Become Mountain Lion by refusing to hide in the cave of your own shyness or uncertainty. Roar with conviction, roar with power, and remember to roar with laughter to balance the medicine!

Sams Jamie & Carson Medicine Cards 1999 . New York St. Martins Press. (105-106)

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