[Phillip] Pullman has also referred to himself as knowingly "of the Devil's party", a reference to William Blake's revisionist view of Milton in The Marriage of Heaven and Hell."

High Priestess: Amanda Torrey (Templewhore) is an idea driven person motivated by her inspired concepts. In 1998, these ideas helped Amanda and her husband David to form Terra Incognita's intentional community. TI attempted to integrate spirituality with sexuality using ancient Mesopotamian models that have proven to be adaptable to a variety of religious and magickal beliefs. 

Scary, shadow-filled places of Monsters and Magick that thrive in a Jungian Collective Unconscious resides inside our psyche where Amanda believes we can begin breaking fear-generated barriers for personal growth. The power released from these barriers often produces loving energy which helps heal most emotional wounds as well as unite those participating in the Process of Transcendence. For her, symbolic acts only bring symbolic rewards, so both deity and divine energy exchanges must be reality based. So, after many years of working in law firms and creating community service organizations, her 2009 DePaul degree in Religious Studies focused on how cultural religious biases impact on social systems. She'd like to be part of developing bridges between marginal communities (alternative subcultures) and mainstream society through awareness of the full spectrum of spiritual identifications. As the importance of self-definitions became obvious, because of her work in T/I as well as her studies at DePaul, she believes answers to many modern problems can be found in Ancient History which seems to be the nexus of sexuality and spirituality.

Terra Incognita is a sexual magick temple in Chicago dedicated to the eclectic Qadishtu Path of celebration, education and healing which might include BDSM, Paganism, the patron/protege program, polyamory, Sex Magick, sexwork, surrogacy, Tantra and Taoist practices. Through myth and rituaI, it is possible to enter the dolmer of the Collective Unconscious through a very flexible neo-Pagan type of ritual that focuses energetic group workings, which owes a great deal to Chaos Magick creativity. Her Qadishtu priesthood is Temple-based, and gives homage to historical precedents which includes educational outreach and various hands-on practices.


Babalon Rising 2010, 2011, 2014


I consider myself from a spiritual family, but non-religious. I believe in the integration and balance of mind, body and spirit. No single component more important than the other. Individual philosophical Paths vary and group "rituals" where I participate respect this fact. I see Ritual is a Magickal method to focus will and intent fueled by an energetic exchange for Magick to me is merely something that science hasn't completely figured out yet. Electricity and atomic energy were once Magickal concepts. I used Chaos Magick while creating TI's founding paradigm for it embraces BDSM, Tantra, Zen Buddhism, Taoism, Sex Magick, polyamory and anything else that has the potential to produce results.

As High Priest of Terra Incognita, I encouraged Non-dogmatic, panentheistic Neo-Pagan principles to guide us: accountability where there is personal responsibility for beliefs and actions, an ethos where everything is part of the Divine and in a natural state of grace (thus everything is sacred including consensual sex) plus the theory of universal interconnectedness and the idea that consciousness exists on multiple levels simultaneously.

Babalon Rising 2010, 2011

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Lady Lyn d’ Pomona is a Qadishtu Priestess with Chicago’s Temple of Terra Incognita who loves both sensual play and BDSM with a twist of ouch.

She has facilitated a variety of workshops ranging from Safety, Communication, Sacred Sexuality, Energy 101, Advanced Meditation, Chaos Magic, Sex Magick, Polyamory and the Qadishtu Path.

Lyn works with individuals and couples as well as large groups of people. This Domme prefers doing humor-driven presentations of serious material where she can personally connect with her audience in a heartfelt way.

Lady Lyn d’ Pomona is a Qadishtu Priestess with Chicago's Temple of Terra Incognita and a veteran of the locally renowned Scarlet Sanctuary style Sacred Touch events.  She is also a student of Tantra, Reiki, Sex Magick and Sex Education. Lyn places integrity, education and sex-positivity at the fore-front of her beliefs and considers herself to be an alternative lifestyle activist. Despite her imposing stature, this "burning hunk o'love" is very approachable and eager to field any and all questions with a smile!

Babalon Rising 2011


Julian is a recovering alcoholic and he has been sober now for over 23 years. When he finally got sober he was 30 years old, had dropped out of college four times and had acquired some computer skills, because of a stint in the military where he was trained as a computer specialist. Julian’s skills and experience in computers are self-taught, and he has been in the computer field for over 30 years and has held jobs in the private industry and contracted on federal jobs for various government agencies. Because Julian never completed college and he has achieved the success he has, strongly believes anyone can achieve success in their lives if they are willing to commit themselves to their goals, because a degree should not determine the level of an individual’s success. The growing strength through sobriety he was able to promise himself to learn everything he could to improve his life which led him to the human potential movement. After attending the Tony Robbins ‘Unleash The Power Within’, he decided to become trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and holds a Master Practitioner Certification in Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Programming (HNLP) a program developed by John Overdurf and Julie Silverthornand is a Level III Reiki Master.

After leaving the corporate world of Information Technology Julian is now dedicating his life to teaching others to overcome their perceived limitations and empower themselves, their lives and relationships. For this cause, he has dedicated his skills and talents to numerous Scarlet Sanctuaries and helps facilitate POTQ (Path Of The Qadishtu) and the Great Lakes Energy Exchange with his partner Lady Lyn D’Pomona. Julian also teaches energy awareness and sacred sexuality.