Deviant Minds can be called a sanctuary for mytics, particularly those without a home. This is of special importance to those of us living in an American system immersed in the Industrial Military Complex where reality is focused on the acquisition of money and power. There is no category in our vernacular for mysticism, the idea being its delusional and is relegated to RELIGION, the structure of which comes from that same Industrial Military Complex. But we're here to tell you that mysticism is a biological reality and there is a living consciousness that can be clearly engaged in what Carl Jung designated as the Collective Unconscious that I call the 5th Dimension. We have stretched further though to see innumerable ways in which that Conciousness engages human beings here in the material world defined in the 4th Dimension.


My husband and I married in 1984. Being Left-Brained analytical and not comfortable with much woowoo, he needed to be shown that everything I had tried to tell him over 12 years of marriage was real and not delusional. I am a mystic without a religion or culture which is better explained in my genealogy found on Wikitree. Once convinced I was real, we became an amazing team that was able to open a temple for "sumerian gods" that channeled through us. They identified themselves as First Born and so, this website is presently made up of the First Born Temple Terra Incognita (TTI) community  to report our events, academics, pilgrimages and yes, magick. The 1423 is a code number for FB Monads that define a much larger network of conscious life, both mortal and not, who arrive on this planet from the 6th dimension existing beyond both time and space.


FB were identified most immediately by local Semites as "Nephilim" or "Fallen Angels", labels which were misapplied by mystic Jews in the 7th Century BCE. Christianity found the term useful as it rose in power throughout Europe. Propaganda is a powerful tool for those in authority providing its society an enemy and battle for their followers to overcome.  Often this enemy is politicized an example being the Catholic Dominicans in the Middle Ages as they perverted Cernunnos, a popular Celtic fertility god into a God of Evil and Lord of Hell.  



4 entities made up the original Monad. A monad is one "cell" that splits into 4 distinct beings. This process was best explained by Aryan Upinhads for Hindus and the Jewish Kabbalists from the Semitic Islamic/Jewish Ibrahamic tradition which I will talk about in a post I'll identify later. That original Monad that arrived here were eventually given Semitic names being: Jerusha, the mother who was pregnant with Lilith; Lilith who was too large for her mother to survive the birthing and was also born pregnant with the first of her Lilin. Jerusha had a consort Meshach, a classic angelic force who was here as Jerusha’s protector, and Lilith’s consort, ultimately named Lucifer, Lord of the Morning Star (Venus). There’s a fascinating story as to how an antedeluvian entity, Inanna’s morning star was appropriated for a minor deity and then further elevated to a God of Evil a millennia and half later in 13th century literature. This Monad is the final expression of what I will call "SKY" (air) god a product of trillions of years of FB life forms that have existed since the beginning of time: Earth being their last.


They landed on Dilmun, in the mountains of the Indus Valley Civilization around 3500 BCE. This was an already existing system evolving from its source in Gobeklitepe. Eventually Enki, born from the original prototype apparently finds his way west 600 miles on the coast to settle Eridu at the mouth of the Persian Gulf establishing the first city of Sumer. We allow that time for gods is different than the revolutions of Earth around the Sun in the 4th Dimension so align material history with FB experience which is why there are a few differences between Their story and an oral myth passed down over 1,000 years after the event.


For example, Enki is Dumuzi’s father. The Semitics understand Enki as Adam and Dumuzi as Caine for Dumuzi’s brother did die and Enki was extremely unhappy and threw Dumuzi out of his home to establish his home elsewhere. What Dumuzi did after impregnating a witch Lilith who lives in a cave in the Himalayas was follow the same currents as his father up the Persian Gulf, but rather than go to Eridu became the 3d King of Bad Tibia and the 5th king of Sumer. She gave birth to triplets, Inanna, Ereshkegal and Utu (Semitic Shamash).   


Myth was created because human beings need context between their mortal "life and death" concerns and interacting with a 6th Dimension conciousness. Such communications need a historical premise. Within the First Born Sumerian, Dumuzi connects with Inanna at some point. Difficulties and challenges arise as though incest is common in the 6th dimension, it is toxic in the 4th. From a FirstBorn perspective, Inanna was Dimuzi's daughter created to be his mate, but she dies and targets Dumuzi for death because she died with their newborn child and he was uing its new conciousness in a ritual as he believed his beloved Inanna had passed. But she rose from the dead with the help of her grandfather Enki and demands justice a he acted prematurely. Dumuzi’s sister Gestinanna begs to share her brother’s fate and they create a seasonal wheel between the Winter and Summer Solstice. 

Lyris being a 3d degree Wiccan from the West Coast told us that because our gods are so palpable, when asked to say we are of the Mytery's Tradition.  As our Patrons are "First Born" we are from the First Born Mystery's Tradition of which I, Amanda Torrey is High Priestess, and my husband David, our High Priest. We are Mytics called for a purpose. Our blog provides a way to build a community, and gives a more thorough description of us, the First Born, the mission, our continuing adventures through to the FB conclusion.  They asked me to make a special deck of Tarot Cards for them to use as we practice their myth and magick which is stored here in past pilgrimages that fits neatly into a classic "Hero's Journey".



Mytics are not branded into a religion, but follow an Ancestral heritage. The problem being that as we live in a secular age, we need to reclarify a system to be able to identify an interaction between human/god interactions. Here They re-established a lineage through a modern Pathing which includes plateaus of understanding which include 3 deep sources of ancient wisdom. I will also post a bibliography below.

I hope that other mystics connect with us someday through their networks to reveal our marvelous human mystical tapestry which includes all kinds of relationship with people, their lands and the beautiful gods that inhabit them. In the meantime, please, please stay safe.